In June 2018, Aligos entered into an agreement with Emory University whereby Aligos acquired from Emory an exclusive license to technology with respect to a novel class of non-nucleoside class-II capsid assembly modulators. The underlying technology licensed by Aligos was invented and developed at Emory in the laboratory of Raymond Schinazi, PhD, DSc, FAASLD (Pediatrics) by Dr. Schinazi and his team including Sebastien Boucle, PhD (Pediatrics), Franck Amblard, PhD (Pediatrics), Ozkan Sari, PhD (Pediatrics) and Leda Bassit, PhD (Pediatrics).

In December 2018, Aligos entered into an agreement with Luxna Biotech Co., Ltd. whereby Aligos acquired from Luxna an exclusive license to innovative modified nucleic acid technology coming out of Professor Satosh Obika’s lab at Osaka University targeting multiple genes in specific diseases.